How Scholarships Work in Canadian Universities

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In a world where everyone; amateurs, professionals, agents; both genuine, newbies and scammers post everywhere
Get full funded scholarships, relocate to Canada, do this, sign up, no IELTs… Bla bla”


Truly, it’ll begin to sound like a mantra and all fake stories, (which in reality are)

But don’t get us wrong, listen and also hear the good part of the story.

Briefly going back to what we all know scholarships to be, (at least as a Nigerian)

— Students need to get a verified link and apply.

— A connection with agents who know the road… the agents are the ones who can give legit information and have been through the process multiple times. They have the experience and are the guaranteed way to relocate out of Nigeria. But from that idea, everything begins to look clumsy.

— Then maybe the exam you’ll write to get the award self.All of that can easily put one off and make it feel like giving up at some points.

See –  Germany Tuition Free Universities and Scholarships – HOW TO APPLY

Yeah. Enough stories. Now the simple truth and summary of everything.

How’s CANADA different and WHY is it always the go-to option

1. As a Nigerian applicant to a most Universities in Canada, you don’t have to write/submit English proficiency exams. (IELTS and the likes…)
All you need is pass a minimum of C6-C5 in your Waec result English language.

2. You don’t have to write entrance exams GRE/GMAT/MAT. Your admission is based on your (WAEC, Neco grades(UG) or CGPA and transcripts(PG)

3. For most fully funded scholarships, (Undergraduate) they’re automatically given to you as entrance scholarships.
Meaning all you have to do is apply for admission to a particular school, depending on your academic results, you’ll be automatically considered and awarded a full funded scholarship with your admission.


The admission and scholarship letter will come together without you having to struggle so much writing motivation letters to innumerable organizations for financial support. You don’t need motivation letters! (Except in few case/schools)

Postgraduate ( MSc / PhD) : All graduates student in thesis based programmes in over 80% of the Canadian Institutions receive full funding with stipends from your academic supervisor. It’s straightforward and boldly written on the school websites.

3. The process is so simple you can actually do it all in a week by yourself,
Although in reality, it’s wise to have someone who is always there to tell you what to do, how and when to. Also, the process can be wearying and confusing, So your mentor or guide will be that motivator and assurer that you’re on the right or wrong track and ginger you along
(For scholarships, if you kick too late, it lowers your chances).

2. Don’t be deceived, this is the most important part of the whole process. If you don’t have some little cash to invest, don’t even bother too long. Go and raise some cash, you’re gonna need ’em.

1. In a simple summary, hoping I have demystified the whole process to some extent, Canada scholarships are real and considerably the easiest, with little document requirements and no age restrictions. Basically you need these to get started:



– WAEC Result
– WAEC scratch card to confirm your results
– Fill the application form.


– Official university degree or 3-year diploma year wise transcripts/Certificates
– Resume/CV
– Statement/Intent letter or Research Proposals (Particularly PhD )
-Fill the application form

If interested and highly motivated, follow or join the WhatsApp group.

Your processes are totally risk free! Meaning, we give you updates to securing you a supervisor/scholarship before you are to apply for admission to the school.

Let’s achieve dreams together and be part of your success story.



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  • Good morning!
    I was born in Benin Republic.
    I did my primary school there
    I went to secondary here in Lagos
    I have excellent waec results I have c6 in English (which means I study here in Nigeria). I went back to Benin to do BSc in French and communication.

    I want to apply to university of manitoba but the agent said I need to write Ielts exam.

    What is your stake?

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